Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use Skipple at my school?

It’s as easy as downloading an app. You and your friends can download Skipple from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. Once you open the app, type your school name and select it from the list. Sign up for a Skipple account and the school will be associated with your username. Any photo you upload will now appear in the photo feed for that school.

How do I use my school’s Skipple photos in our yearbook?

If your school uses the Picaboo Yearbooks online yearbook designer, Skipple photos can be imported into your yearbook project by your yearbook adviser. Click here to learn how.

Who can see my school’s Skipple photos?

Anyone who searches for your school will see a random five photos in the photo feed before being asked to sign up for an account. If they flag, skip or like any of those five photos, the votes will only count after they sign up for an account. They can also see the photos in the leaderboard.

How do I change schools?

In the Skipple app, tap the menu icon in the top left of the photo feed. Tap on “Settings”. In Settings, tap “Change” next to your school name. Type the school name and select it from the list.

I can't find my school when I search for it in Skipple?

Our database includes most schools in U.S. and Canada. Type the official name of your school into the Skipple app (i.e. Eleanor Roosevelt High School rather than just Roosevelt High School). If you still can't find it? Double-check your spelling then contact us.

How do I unflag a photo that has been reported?

Using the Picaboo Yearbooks online yearbook designer, your yearbook adviser can unflag photos that have been reported if he or she feels it is appropriate to allow it back into the Skipple photo feed. Learn more

How do I delete a photo I uploaded?

You cannot delete your own photos at this time; however, if you find the photo in the photo feed you can flag it to have it removed it from the school’s feed. If your yearbook adviser opts to import the photos into the Picaboo Yearbooks online yearbook designer, he or she can unflag it or permanently delete it from there.

How do I report an offensive photo in Skipple?

If you come across a photo in the Skipple photo feed that you feel is offensive, tap the black flag in the bottom left corner of the photo feed. This will prevent the photo from being seen by anyone.